My Review, Results and Tips For Using The Flex Belt

meHi, my name is Ian, I’ve been an owner of the Flex Belt for over a year now and wanted to share my experiences with you through this site to help clarify what I feel are some mis-understandings about The Flex Belt and also to share with you the results I achieved.

A little bit about me. I’m in my early thirties, I run recreationally and try my best to follow a healthy diet.

I had big expectations for what the Flex Belt could do for me. I wanted a stronger core, to help with my running, and of course I also wanted increased abdominal definition.

I did’t have dreams that I’d look like a fitness model after using this thing for for a few weeks, but I was optimistic to say the least.

How I Used It

When I first got the device I went through the manual. On the third or fourth page there is a table that outlines a suggested workout routine to follow for optimal results.

I figured “Well if this is what they suggest then it must be best”.

So I decided from the get go to follow that plan.

The basics of the plan were to start off at program #1 and a particular setting for intensity, then every couple of days increase the intensity and work through the programs over an 8 week period.

Each program provides a tougher workout for your abs then the one before it. So by increasing both the intensity setting and the program in the belt you’re getting the most benefit from the device.

My Results

My results were slow at first as I wasn’t as consistent as I could have been. However once I got into a routine with using The Flex Belt things were better. Below are a few images of the results I achieved using The Flex Belt.

This is week 1 when I first started

week 1

This is around week 3, notice the red marks on my abs this is right after a session

week 3

This is around week 5, again this was taken right after a session see the red marks on my stomach

week 5

My Suggestions

As I mentioned at the beginning. I’m a runner and I try my best to eat a healthy diet. Because of this I’m pretty lean to begin with. If you’re someone that has a bit of extra weight around your mid-section then you’re going to have to get rid of some of that body fat to achieve the best visual results you can.

My suggestion, although I’m not a doctor so don’t take this as medical advice, is to either get out and start walking or jogging a few days a week, go swimming a few days a week, enroll in a fitness class locally or something you can commit to that will get you active.

Ensuring you’re eating well to maintain a healthy weight would be my second suggestion. While The Flex Belt will still be able to tone and strengthen your abdominals, even if you have a bit of belly fat, the visual benefit you can get from the device won’t be there because of the extra weight you’re carrying.

Again I’m not an expert here on dieting or weight loss but consider an easy to follow plan like weight watchers or even just try to manage it yourself by cutting out junk food, planning healthy meals and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Consistency is Key

One thing I wasn’t great at when I first got the flex belt was being consistent with using it. I’d use it for a couple of days then a week would go by and I wouldn’t take it out of the bag.

I know I would’ve gotten better results more quickly had I been more consistent with its use. So my advice to you is to make a plan of when you’re going to use it and stick with it. I think setting a time of day to wear it every weekday is probably the easiest way since most of us have a weekday routine but like to have our weekends free.

My Complaints About The Flex Belt

Truthfully I don’t have any real complaints as per se about the belt. When I first got mine the battery was dead so I had to charge it for a few hours to use it for the first time. So when you get yours I’d suggest plugging it in right away.

Also the Gel Pads don’t last forever but if you keep covering them after each use with the clear plastic covers that are included you’ll maximize the life span you get.

I’d probably order a second set of gel pads right away, I didn’t do this when I got mine because I didn’t know how long they’d last, but over a 6-8 week period you’ll probably use two sets.

In Closing

I hope my Flex Belt review has clarified some of the questions you may have had about The Flex Belt. I’ve got a special discount offer for readers of my review to use if they’d like to order today.

By ordering through the link below you’ll save 10% off your total order and also receive free priority shipping ($15.95 value). All you have to do is click the link below and you’ll be taken directly to the official Flex Belt website. The discount will be automatically applied on the order page.

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