5 Belly Fat Busting Fruits and Vegetables You Should Try

Weight loss around the mid section is often a problem area for men and women alike. Research performed by the Harvard School of Medicine suggests that the danger in this adipose tissue lies in the fact that cells produce chemical signals called cytokines, which cause insulin resistance. Studies also indicate that certain fruits and vegetables may help individuals reduce fat in this area.

Blueberries for Belly Fat and Cardiovascular Health

According to the Cardiovascular Center at the University of Michigan, blueberries are one of the 5 belly fat busting fruits and vegetables you should try. After consuming blueberries consistently for 90 days, laboratory animals experienced a visible decline in fat in the abdominal region. Additionally, the altered diet decreased triglyceride levels while increasing insulin sensitivity.

Grapefruit the Proven Fat Burner

Nutritionists categorize grapefruit as a catabolic food, which means the body uses more calories for digesting the fruit than the fruit puts into the body. The fruit also acts as a natural diuretic, which reduces excess body fluid. Research additionally suggests that individuals consuming grapefruit before exercising more effectively reduce the size of fat cells.

Hot Peppers and Fat Burning

Chilies, jalapenos and dried red peppers contain a chemical called capsaicin. Cayenne pepper, paprika and crushed red pepper also contains this substance. When present in peppers, the compound produces the heat associated with hot peppers. After consumed, the body naturally responds to this chemical by raising the heart rate and metabolism, which aids in weight reduction. Capsaicin also produces a feeling of fullness, which curbs the appetite, which also increases weight loss.

Pomegranate Fruit and Juice for Better Health

According to scientists at the University of California, pomegranates contain the most antioxidants of any available fruit. The antioxidants, known as polyphenols increase metabolism, which helps reduce fat. Polyphenols also reduce inflammation, inhibit appetite and prevent lipid plaque formation in arteries. Chemical substances in pomegranates also seem to aid in reducing blood pressure.

Watermelons and Health

Containing approximately 90 percent water, watermelons provides an additional means of fluid intake, which helps the body eliminate toxins. The fruit also contains the chemical lycopene, which studies suggest lowers LDL cholesterol and improves energy levels, which aids in weight loss. The fruit additionally contains the amino acid L-citrulline, which the body converts to L-arginine. This amino acid helps regulate blood pressure.

Consuming the 5 belly fat busting fruits and vegetables improves energy, which increases stamina, overall weight loss and fat reduction. These foods offer additional benefits that include improved cardiovascular health and enhanced insulin sensitivity.

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